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This full version of houseEnergyMon can be used to follow electricity, water and gas consumption of one household. For example, enter in beginning of every month the meter value of electricity-, water- or gas-meter (the running value, kwh, kJ, m3 what ever). The app will then count the consumption automatically. If you enter the cost/fee, the app can then count roughly how mouch money has been spent.It is also possible to enter an alert limit, so if consumption rises over that the value will be highlighted with red value.NOTE! if you are upgrading from "lite"-version, please make first backup of liteversions DB. That backup can then be restored to full-version (Electricity DB)!This full version supports two electricity meters (e.g. day-tariff vs. night tariff). One meter for Water, one for Gas and one for District heating (common at least in Nordic countries).Example: lets say that the the electricity meter value Jan.1.2011 was 1000kWh, and Feb 1 2011 2133kWh. The app shows that electricity consumption in January was about 1133kWh.The accuracy depends of course on user, e.g. the meter value should always be read 1st day of month…If the phone contains a sd-memorycard (external or internal/external), remember to take backup of databases every now and then. Backing up of databases can be found in menu under Databases-view (separately for Water and electricity):- Electricity -> Database -> "menu" -> DB- Water -> Database -> "menu" -> DBFrom same DB-menu, it is possible to dump data base as a CSV-file (one year at a time). The file will be located in external storage "Downloads" directory.If you like the app, please rate it!If you feel something is missing, send developer a mail (or write a comment).Note! the creators of this app do not take any financial responsibilities if bills are estimated too small using this tool!

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