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AddedOct 2nd, 2012
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Download today and receive 1,000 free coins!Flaming 7s is a casino inspired slot machine for your Android mobile device or tablet. Gambling on your phone has never been this great!Our slot machines provide the gamer with the most realistic slot machine experience! Our machine features high definition graphics, no pregame load times and free coins. Flaming 7s a virtual slot machine experience like no other! Since this slot machine is free it does have an ad on it. This allows us generate revenue so we can continue to support and add on to Flaming 7s slot machine.Here is what some users are saying about the game: Just like playing a slot machine in Vegas very good graphics I give this app two thumb’s up Excellent and realistic, just like the casino slot machine. I love the hitting the jackpot. Enjoy playing slots very addictive.Our slot machines boast the following:- A fun payout system. It’s not like you’re playing slot machines in Las Vegas so why should you get ripped off on payouts? – Jackpots and Bonuses. While you play the bonus jackpot will continue to grow larger and larger. Theres no cap to the slot machine jackpot, so the potential to hit a large jackpot is an ongoing possibility. – Worldwide leaderboards. Our online slots leaderboard allows you to see where you rank in the world. You can easily see where you rank and how many credits you need to win to jump to the next rank.- Realistic slot machines sound effects and graphics. Casinos aren’t silent and that’s one of the cool things about them. The dinning of winning slot machines and ambiance of a casino are part of what makes slots so much fun. We tried to capture that in this game. If you’re not a fan of the casino background sounds you can easily turn it off in the menu.- Achievements. Our achievements keep the game interesting as you try to check off the list. The more gambling you do the higher your odds get of hitting an achievement. FEATURES- Realistic slot machine gameplay- Progressive jackpot bonus with over 100,000$- Bonus just for playing (Returning to the game every 3 hours you will get to select a free gift)- Free spins bonus- High score list- Retrieve score- Realistic slot machine ambiance (can be disabled in options)- Flaming 7s uses free digital coins, no need to spend any of your hard earned money!- Optional in-app purchase bonus like double payouts and increase jackpots Like us on Facebook and let us know how we’re doing with our games 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/Flaming7s Keywords: slot machine free vegas slots jackpot slots jackpotslots 7 slots blazing 7s royal gambling casino gamble quarter high roller realistic high quality addicting fun achievements bonus bonuses payouts leaderboard highest score millionaire doubledown journey

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