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With a simple flick, you can send a photo from your phone to any around you! The BEST photo sharing app on Windows Phone is now on Android and iPhone! Share with your friends no matter what phone they have!Instantly transfer that wicked pic you snap at the bar to your friends, let that new friend send you the group photo they made everyone pose for, or just quickly share your family photo to your spouse’s phone.flick+share uses _only_ your location to send any photo you choose from your phone to people around you – No phone numbers, email addresses, usernames, Facebook searches, or carrier pigeons to worry about.Just launch flick+share and it magically connects you with those around you!We’re LOVED on Windows Phone and now we’re bringing the fun to Android! Some reviews:"…neat way of instantly sending photos to people without emailing them… I think it’s a great app to have…I recommend giving it a shot!""…This is a godsend. ""nice concept, works great!""Great app to share photos at venues, fun idea!"HOW TO SEND PHOTOS 1. Tap the gallery button to choose a photo from your phone’s gallery. Tap the camera button to take a picture now to send. 2. After choosing a photo, flick the photo off the screen to either side to send. It’s that easy!HOW TO RECEIVE PHOTOS 1. Tap the refresh button that is on the receive tab soon after the photo is sent by someone near you.

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