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AddedApr 12th, 2013
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Foodpanda 空腹熊貓的App是台北訂美食最迅速的方法。只要幾個步驟,你就可以很快地從300多家廳餐訂餐。 無論你想吃中國菜、印度料理、壽司、比薩及漢堡等,各種你最喜歡的美食都能在foodpanda空腹熊貓 手機App訂餐, 即可輕鬆享用熱騰騰的美食。 從你所在的地區選擇餐廳。等食物送達後,用現金付款。完成手機APP訂餐之後,你會收到一則簡訊,確認你訂單的詳細資訊和外送所需時間。 不只是外送,你也能選擇外帶;有了foodpanda 手機App,你不用再浪費時間排隊等待,只要預先點餐,之後再去拿。 除此之外,Foodpanda空腹熊貓會提供你獨家折扣和促銷活動。 滑動手指,在Foodpanda 手機App選擇你的餐點,全台北的美食外送線上foodpanda台北美食外送,選擇就享受你的美味食物。 foodpanda空腹熊貓免費的App功能: *快速又便利地選擇台北三百多家餐廳的餐點 *瀏覽菜單、種類和能送到你所在的餐廳 *使用優惠券和折扣碼替你省錢 *選擇醬料與配料來客製化你的餐點,就像在餐廳裡面品嚐一樣 *於外帶或貨到時付款,簡單又安全 *儲存多個地址(住家、公司等) 讓訂餐流程更快速 *輕鬆滑動手指,你可以重複訂購之前的訂單餐點。 想要用你的電腦訂餐?線上 我們將推出更多的新功能,敬請期待The fasting Panda Foodpanda App is the quickest way to Taipei Order food. Just a few steps, you can quickly ordering meals from more than 300 rooms.Whether you want to eat Chinese food, Indian food, sushi, pizza and burgers, a variety of your favorite dishes can in foodpanda fasting Panda Mobile App ordering, you can easily enjoy hot meals.Select a restaurant from your area. Other food is served, with a cash payment. After the completion of the mobile phone APP ordering, you will receive a text message to confirm the details of your order and delivery time required.Not just outgoing, you can also select Takeout; With foodpanda Mobile App, you do not have to waste time waiting in line, as long as the pre-ordering after get the rest.In addition, Foodpanda fasting Panda will provide you exclusive discounts and promotions.Slide your finger Choose your meals in the phone Foodpanda App, Taipei Food Delivery Online cuisine outside foodpanda Taipei to send, choose to enjoy your delicious food.foodpanda fasting Panda free App features:* Fast and convenient meals selection of more than 300 restaurants in Taipei* View menu, type and can be sent to your restaurant* Use coupons and discount codes to save money for you* Select sauces and ingredients to customize your meals, like tasting at the restaurant inside* Takeout or goods when payment is simple and safe* Save multiple addresses (home, work, etc.) the ordering process faster* Easily slide your finger, you can order meals before re-ordering.Want to use your computer reservation? Online we will launch more new features, so stay tuned

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