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Footy Timer is all you need to run a friendly little-net Football (aka Soccer). All you need to play are the following:* A basketball court sized area (i.e. indoor gym)* 2 small hockey size nets (40" x 66" / 150 x 110cm)* A ball * A bunch of friends (12-16 total)Rules:* Divide yourselves into 4 or 5 small teams (4 each seems to work best)* Pick a player from the non-playing teams to act as a refree* Referee has the final word* No player is allowed to touch the ball with their hands* The goalie is also NOT allowed to tough the ball with hands (the nets are too small for hands)* Each game is 5-6 minutes, sudden death (First team to score wins)* The winner plays the next team, losers wait for the chance to prove themselves again* Any player who commits a dangerous foul gets a 1-2 minute ejection (the referee decides who has crossed the line)* Any player who touches the ball with hands (including the goalie) gets a 1-2 minute ejection (unless the referee deems it to be not intentional)* If the time expires without any goals being scored, use the tie breaker rules below.Tie-Breaker for 3 teams:* The team who tied the last game loses* The last game’s winner wins (unless they tied the last game)Tie-Breaker for 4 teams:* Both teams lose!* If the next game doesn’t end in a tie, the most recent winner (among the waiting teams) plays the winnerNow get out there and have some fun :)Don’t forget to leave feedback. Let me know how I can improve Footy Timer.Keywords: Soccer, Football, Timer, Indoor

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