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Demotivators – Huge collection of best demotivational posters, funny motivators and funny pictures. Excellent and funny time killer, get demotivated with funny pictures and demotivators all together in one funny app. Demotivational posters, Funny Pictures with black frames or borders, Series Of Demotivational Pics, Demotivationals or whatever you call them 🙂 – has been repeatedly parodied, and parody motivational posters have become an Internet meme. One famous motivational poster features funny picture of a kitten hanging from a tree branch along with the phrase "Hang in There, Baby!" This has been the target of various funny reproductions and parodies, such as an appearance on The Simpsons episode "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" where Marge Simpson notices the copyright date (1968) and comments, "…determined or not, that cat must be long dead. That’s kind of a downer." Another reference to the poster is The Onion’s 1999 "In the News" photograph titled "Inspirational Poster Kitten Falls To Death After 17 Years".In this cute app you’ll find funny pictures and photos, ninja posters, inspiring pictures, rage comics, digg, WTF, PWNED, pictures taken at the right moment, LOL cats, funny girls photo, rednek pics, rage comics, funny memes, photo bombs, engrish, om nom nom comics, wtf demotivational posters and sexy demotivational posters, funny pets, jokes pics, fat people jokes, funny tattoo fails, damn LOL pics, fuuny animals photo, humorous caricatures and math more for your entertainment.

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