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?HyperSpeed Touch?????????????????Android??FX???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????HyperSpeed Touch???????????????????????????????????AS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????AS?????????1?????????????????????????????????WEB?????????????????????????????AS???????/???????/??/???/OCO/IF-OCO/IF-DONE/???/?????????/????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1???????????????????http://www.moneypartners.co.jp/fx/partnersfx/order/asstreaming.html??????????????????????????7????????6???13??????????????????2???????????????????????????????3??????????????????????????????????????????????????????/?????????/??????????/??????/???????/???????/HighLow????????????????MACD?/????????????????/DMI?/RSI?/RCI?/??????Tick?/1???/5???/30???/60???/???/???/???2????????????????http://www.moneypartners.co.jp/support/tech.html????3????????????MarketWin24?/?????????24?/Fisco??????????????????????????????????????????????24?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????24????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ON/OFF???????????????????????????????? [????]??HyperSpeed Touch??FX????????????????????????FX????????????????FX??????????http://www.moneypartners.co.jp/lp/06-6?????????????????http://www.moneypartners.co.jp/aboutus/rules/advertising.html?Produced by MoneyPartners Solutions?Powered by Mobile Internet Technology???????????????????http://www.moneypartners.co.jp/???????????2028?????:???????/???????????????/??????????"HyperSpeed ??Touch" is the Android-only FX trading applications Money Partners has to offer.If you do not have an account of money Partners are also available free of charge, the rate of technical chart such as real-time updates.Please try a comfortable operability high-performance though it is simple, well thought out.»Strength of" HyperSpeed ??Touch "? In both screens of vertical and horizontal, and corresponds to the trading of while watching the chartIf you "AS chart order mode", in both screens of vertical and horizontal, trading is possible while looking at the chart that is updated in real time.? How to order a variety ofOur original order of very popular to achieve a speedy transaction in the shortest one-tap automatically select a new settlement "AS streaming (? 1)" from,We are exhaustive simultaneous settlement order, etc. can be ordered to determine the profit-taking, loss cut width in advance, the order form that allows the WEB trading environment.How to order:AS streaming / streaming / limit / reverse limit / OCO / IF-OCO / IF-DONE / all settlement / by currency pair batch settlement / trade by Category by currency pair bulk settlement? The streaming to order, can be added the simultaneous settlement order function that can be ordered to determine the profit-taking, loss cut width in advance.? Details 1 "AS streaming" is herehttp://www.moneypartners.co.jp/fx/partnersfx/order/asstreaming.html? Multi-functional technical chartThe chart, seven trend-based, six oscillator system, with the main technical indicators of a total of 13 kinds. (? 2)Supports customization of various parameters of technical, change of foot species, to chart split display of up to three screen up, advanced technical analysis is possible.Technical trend system:Moving average (simple) / moving average (index) / Bollinger band / glance balance table / envelope / parabolic / HighLow channelTechnical oscillator system:MACD / stochastics (slow) / DMI / RSI / RCI / deviation rateFoot species:Tick ??/ 1 minute foot / 5 Minutes / 30 Minutes / 60 Minutes / Daily / week foot / leg month? Description of each two technical indicators herehttp://www.moneypartners.co.jp/support/tech.html? Market News that covers the three majorMarketWin24 / global info 24 / Fisco? Quick payment free and easy! Direct login to the members-only siteI support immediate payment is reflected in 24 hours a day at (transfer fee our load) and free "quick payment" and "notice", etc."Members-only site" to (for members comprehensive management menu), it can be accessed without stress re-enter without the account number password.? customer support 24-hourFrom the menu> Contact Us, can be queried easily toll-free, to support e-mail.? function is enriched otherAnd storage function of account number password· Commitments sound ON / OFF settingCustomization features of the currency pair order

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