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AddedMay 16th, 2011
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GPS Notifier (GPSN) allows you to send a text message (SMS) when you reach a certain distance from a specified location.GPSN uses a background service to check GPS for your current location and compares it against one or multiple locations which have been submitted. This allows you to retain full functionality of your phone whilst relying on GPSN to send the messages at the appropriate location.You can store your favourite location/contact details for quick access through the app or even quicker through the live folder functionality. Recent submissions are also stored and are available for quick access. Locations can be viewed via Google Maps, tapping on the map also allows you to set the location manually.You can change the update frequency of the GPS to save on battery power.GPSN has many uses including:* Hands-free notification of your arrival to passengers on a journey (e.g. picking up friends / taxi drivers)* Notification that you are reaching your stop on a train* Letting someone know that you have safely reached your destination* Notifying someone that you are progressing along your journey

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