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AddedJul 21st, 2013
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Grocery Ultimate(tm) gives you a fast and efficient way to complete your grocery shopping tasks. Whether it’s making your list by simply speaking product names, tracking the cost of items, or navigating through the grocery store, Grocery Ultimate gives you the tools you need to make your grocery shopping experience faster , easier, and much more enjoyable. Use your voice to speed your way through list creation. Say goodbye to scraps of paper with scribbles…and end the monotonous task of typing items into a mobile phone note app. Welcome to an app designed for the way you shop.***For a limited time only: Download, register, and send us your feedback on and you will be eligible for a free version when it becomes a paid app. We want to know of any problems or ideas for enhancements that you have, as Grocery Ultimate is dedicated to being the best grocery shopping app you’ll ever use.Features:Free of advertisements!Quickly create and save grocery lists by speaking product names.Add items to your grocery lists by speaking or scanning a UPC code.Retain grocery item pricing information –and share with other users in the app community–to be sure you aren’t over-paying.Keep a history of past purchases and lists.Use the favorites feature to store frequently purchased items, making it even easier to build your shopping list.Find and add your favorite grocery stores to update and track pricing and items by stores.Tap an item on your shopping list to quickly add it to your shopping cart at your favorite store.Keep a running total of the cost of items in your cart while you shop.

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