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hipix™ is a user friendly application, which reduces the size of the handset’s captured JPEG pictures and allows sending audio annotated, reduced size hipix™ images in four touches of the screen. One to launch the application, second to select the desired photo from the handset’s gallery, third to record your audio annotation, and forth to send the HPX file via the user’s default eMail service.The hipix™ application allows compressing the pictures using fixed quality and resolution, which was set to allow maximal compatibility with other smartphones and PCs. The application is very simple to use, and its main advantages lies in the compression scheme’s ability to compress the images more efficiently than any other existing still image compression scheme, and in its ability to annotate easily audio to the picture file.The output files of hipix can be viewed with most of the video players in the market (either mobile or PC viewers), and they can even be uploaded to Facebook to you video files section.

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