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HKQffer 是一個集優惠放送 , 領取貨品折扣 , 限時著數於一身的購物消費指南 , 不論是潮流商舖搜尋或熱賣產品都一一為您源源不絕送上 , 當中更設動態追蹤 , 讓您與最愛店舖緊密聯繫起來1) 這麼近那麼遠都有著數緊貼您在HKQffer Apps 中點選附近優惠,透過專用掃瞄器檢視店舖外的 Check Point,即時查閱著數優惠 , 細心留意您身邊的 QR Code 因為隨時出現您意想不到的驚喜2) 解開購物潮流新玩法揀出心水優惠後 ,點選著數解鎖,於店內或收銀櫃位中拍下解鎖碼,即可成功釋放優惠解鎖後即可得到icoupon,向店員展示即可換購3) 打破傳統令您與最愛零距離接觸動態消息內您除了自行增加心水店舖外,不論優惠還是品牌你都可以額外關注如此一來你可以隨時隨地接收品牌的第一手資訊,新貨熱賣,折扣時段,開倉優惠等活脫是一本按您自己喜好而定,集所有潮流新事物於一身的雜誌一樣HKQffer is a set of preferential delivery, receiving goods discount limit in a consumer’s shopping guide, trend shops Search or hot items sent are all for your endless supply, more dynamic track on, so that you and your favorite shop closely linked1) so close so far have a number close to yourClick near the HKQffer Apps promotions, Check Point through a special scanner to view the shops, instant access to a number of promotions, we look carefully at your side QR Code at any time you unexpected surprises2) new ways to unlock the shopping trendPicked out heart water concessions tap number to unlock unlock code, photographed at the store or cashier counters to the successful release of preferential unlock icoupon, showed the clerk can redeem3) to break the traditional order your favorite up closeFirst-hand information, dynamic message in addition to increase their own favorite shops, promotions or brand you are extra attention this way you can at any time to receive brand new goods Hot discount period, opening promotions Berthelot is a this according to your own preferences and set the trend of new things in a magazine

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