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AddedMar 31st, 2012
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Collection of demonic, terrifying, horror sounds, tunes and melodies! Use it as ringtone, notification, alarm sound or pure for fun.Set of approximately 60 good quality sounds (I will add more in near future if needed) in the soundboard style. Examples of use:- make nice mood on a Halloween party- cool creepy, freaky alarm or ringtone sound- scare your friends or family for fun- set someone’s phone ringtone to frighten himApplication contains notification ads and home screen icon ads. Notifications can be dismissed, icons can be deleted. You can opt-out from this advertisements. Some antivirus software may cause false alarms – it’s safe to ignore it (this software DOESN’T contain viruses).Current sounds:- zombies demanding brains- chain sound- clock striking midnight- crow- demon girl "where’s my mummy?"- demon girl song- squeaky door 1- squeaky door 2- evil laugh 1- evil laugh 2- banshee scream- group screaming- heartbeat- heart rate monitor (vanishing heartbeat)- "I will kill you" phrase- loud scream- male loud scream- monster scream- movie freaky tune- old door- dramatic piano tune- horror piano tune- demon drops tune- hell’s tune- thunder- train hits guy- witch laughter- pack of wolves- woman psycho scream- pack of zombies- Evil words,- Strange owl 2,- Hells chorus,- Girls singing creepy,- Insane laughter reverb,- Scary scape,- Women crazy screams,- Noise,- Radio tuning,- Piano stab,- Hangar scream,- Eerie women singing,- Tv blackout,- Strange owl,- Evil incantation,- Crazy bats,- Ghostly eerie,- Tyrannosaurus rex,- Time bomb,- Footsteps,- Seven days,- Buzzsaw,- Gunfire in crowd,- Godzilla roar,- Tornado siren,KW: fun, entertainment, sound board, soundboard, horror, demon, halloween, zombie, wolf, thunder, heartbeat

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