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Hue Alarm Clock (Blue Sky Ed.)

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DeveloperSascha Schweitzer
AddedApr 14th, 2013
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(Requires the Hue Personal Lighting System.)Not a morning person? Start lighter! Hue Alarm Clock turns your Philips Hue Light Bulbs into a friendly alarm clock. Set alarms and switch on and off all lights with one button right from your bed. Finally gets you into your biorhythm with ease.The free Blue Sky Edition will wake you up with a bright blue sky. If you would like to set daily alarms, set the color of the light, smoothen your sunrise by a fade-in effect, and select the lamps for the alarm, the full version of Hue Alarm Clock will be great for you.In case you experience any compatibility issues with your device, pls feel free to get in touch with me by mail to identify the issue and fix it in an update 🙂 I’m working on making the app run on all devices.Present features include- Set an alarm by choosing your wake-up time and pressing the button- Switch on and off all light in your favorite color right from your bed- Delete all alarms by one touch- Synchronizes all of your devices automatically- Works also when your phone is turned off- Automatically detects your Hue bridgeRequires- Wi-Fi connection to your home network- Hue Personal Lighting System

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