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Social agreements via your mobile device made easy, secure and accessible everywhere.Imagine you’ve had a car crash. You need to write down what you agreed on with the other driver concerning insurance and all these things. With the iAgreed App you don’t have to write it down on a piece of paper that maybe you’ll loose afterwards.Gain a certain level of security in social agreements with other people by putting them down via the iAgreed App and sending them to CBCs servers where they are saved securely. You don’t need to write it down on. This can be done with your mobile device documenting the other persons approval with a kind of digital signature – his or her QR code ID.The only condition is that both of the parties who want to fix the agreement have a mobile device and downloaded the iAgreed App.It’s as simple as that:Step 1: Download the iAgreed App or open it if already installed. Both of the people wanting to put down an agreement have to install the iAgreed App and must be registered with the service.Step 2: Log in and write down your individual agreement or select from one of the templates you have saved.Step 3: Select the person you want to make the agreement with by scanning his or her QR Code ID, which is made available by the app.Step 4: Send the agreement to the person selected with the QR Code.Step 5: The person receiving the agreement can either accept or decline, but cannot change or manipulate the agreement. You will see the person’s decision as soon as it has been sent to our servers.TERMS OF USE:http://www.i-agreed.com/terms_of_use.html

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