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Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !iPooja pleased to presents Shiv Mahima mobile app designed and recorded specially for the Android OS. The Shiv Mahima Stotra is very popular among the devotees of Lord Shiva and is considered one of the best among all Stotras (or Stutis) offered to Lord Shiva . The legend about the circumstances leading to the composition of this Stotra is as follows.A king named Chitraratha had constructed a nice garden. There were beautiful flowers in this garden. These flowers were used every day by the king in worshipping Lord Shiva. One day a Gandharva named Pushhpadanta being fascinated by the beautiful flowers, began to steal them. Due to this, king Chitraratha could not offer flowers to Lord Shiva. He tried a lot to capture the thief, but could not do so, because the Gandharvas have divine power to remain invisible.Finally the king spread the Shiva Nirmaalya (flowers already used in Pooja) in his garden. The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy. Pushhpadanta, not knowing this, walked on the Shiva Nirmaalya, and by that he incurred the wrath of Lord Shiva and lost the divine power of invisibility. He then designed a prayer to Lord Shiva for forgiveness. In this prayer he sung the greatness of the Lord.This very prayer became well known as the `Shiva Mahima Stotra’. Lord Shiva became pleased by this Stotram, and returned Pushhpadanta’s divine powers. The legend has some basis since the name of the author is mentioned in verse number 38 of the stotra. The recital of this stotra is very beneficial, and Shri Ramakrishna, one of the famous saints of the nineteenth century, went into samadhi just by reciting a few verses from this hymn.Following Audios are available in this app.1.Shiv Mahima Stotra2. Shiv Mahima PhalashrutiThe application is presented by iPooja (developed by MediaAgility LLC) which specializes in creating Smart Phones based Mobile Applications. The entire Audio Contents for this App has been created by Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd. which is a Mumbai based Art Media Entertainment Company.We hope that you like the App. Please send us your valuable feedback at ipooja@mediaagility.com

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