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Run a race with or against the athletes of the world with the iTrek Lite App. iTrek Lite is a racing/fitness app that allows you to race against virtual runners created by tacking the statistics of other iTrek users and calculating their average speed for you to race against.Of-course the iTrek Lite app is not limited to just running, feel free to use it while walking, cycling, biking, hiking, trekking and more. The iTrek Lite app uses the GPS in your Android phone or device to give you a visual representation of how your run is progressing in comparison to the virtual runner.Complete a race using the iTrek Lite app and convert your run into a Virtual Runner and upload to a server to allow other iTrek users to race against. Make sure to continue uploading your best runs and have fun.We are continually trying to get professional/non-professional athletes to use the iTrek app to give our users more people to race against. Help us spread the word. Features:———————————————————————————————————————————————————-Download Virtual Runners and race against them on a track (distance set by you).-Monitor your speed & distance covered, throughout the race.-Audio enable/disable progress/who-won audio queues.-Save your runs, and watch a replay to evaluate your performance.-Create custom Virtual Runners, where speed/image or picture of the Virtual Runner is set by you.-Download Virtual Runners from online server.-Upload your converted run (run converted to virtual runner) to the server for other people to race against.-Create custom race tracks (Set the distance of the race).-Find info button on every screen to aide with app use.-Send virtual runners to friends with the iTrek app via the iTrek SMS virtual runner sender.-For those of you lucky enough to have android devices with NFC & NFC & beam, you can send your runs as virtual runners to other iTrek users that have NFC enabled devices by simply tapping devices back to back. (NFC = Near Field Communication, see the

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