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Jetski Race – Toon Rider Style

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DeveloperTwo Up Plus Entertainment
AddedApr 12th, 2013
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Get ready to get wet! Nitro speed jet skis are all the rage in this fun filled, water splashing, super speed racer! Watch out for obstacles and power on home! Can you beat the girl riders for the golden cup? * Cartoon 3D graphics! * Boats, surfers and wild gameplay!* Go as fast as you can! Dash this quest run for victory!* Stars, coins, nitro boost, soda and more! Forget the temple, subway, candy crush, granny and bike rider runners. This one has it all!Beat your friends scores today!You begin on your jet ski, cruising down the river. Tilt your device to ensure your jet ski turns when you want it to.Remember to look ahead and collect those stars, money bags and power ups! There are obstacles too, look out for buoys and dont run into the shore. Your quest is to catch those girls ahead of you and win the cup! See how many points you can earn and compare your friends top score. Surfers beware! A good clean run will put you in the lead. Tap the screen to activate your nitro boosts. This will give you the pace required to keep up. Beware if you use the nitro too much you may lose control! Be a clever rider and dodge a lot.The trees may look like candy but candy is only for the winners of the race. So strap on your helmet and get ready to be wet! If you fail to take the gold its ok you can try again! Candy for everyone!Don’t let the girls beat you to a draw. You can draw on your wits and win the race. Draw is not an option! It’s not a lottery or a draw. Prepare yourself!

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