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MealBank is intended to make it easy to manage the repetitive task of preparing and cooking meals.MealBank Professional Edition is MealBank (free) Edition, Plus These Features: – Weekly Meal Planning Templates – Home Screen Widget – What’s for Dinner? – Ad Free – MealBank Pro is the Platform for Future Development of Advanced Features and Updates to MealBank (check for frequent updates) – Help Support Future Development / Features – Compatible with Android 3.0 Honeycomb (Motorola Xoom)MealBank’s Intuitive Process:1. Recipes – Add and browse delicious Recipes2. Meal Planning Calendar – Use the Recipes to plan your weekly meals and create weekly templates for repeatability3. Automatic Grocery Shopping List – generated from the Calendar, organized by aisleFor feedback, enhancements, and bug reports please send an email to includes free online meal planning, delicious recipes, and a one click grocery list. With an account at MealBank you can: * Enter your own recipes to share with the community. Entering your recipes keeps them at your fingertips, ready to combine into grocery lists. Examples include your favorite Chili recipe, your grandmother’s famous chicken stew, or simply the grocery items you bring to work for lunch. * Plan your meals for the week by combining your meals with your favorite community meals. The range of meal choices is enormous to ensure creativity during planning. There will be no more desperate searches for food during the week or dull, boring meals. * One click shopping list will help save time during trips to the groceryThe Repetitive Meal Planning Cycle A typical family will eat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for a lifetime. That’s nearly 1100 meals to prepare a year. You’re going to be doing this as long as you live, you might as well get good at it! 1. Select a Premade Weekly TemplateBenefits of Using Templates – Reuse – the templates can be reused and easily adjusted- Prepare the meals you want – complex meals are just as easy to make- Craft a perfect set of meal plans2. Print the Generated Grocery ListBenefits of a Generated Grocery List – One-Click converts your meal plan into a grocery list- Impossible to forget items- Very organized – easy to read and navigate3. Grocery Shop by AisleBenefits of Shopping by Aisle- Quickly navigate by aisle- Focused on buying only items on list- No back and forth trips to find items

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