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Best matching memory game for kids! Let your children exercise their memory and have fun while playing with their friends! Just download Memory Match Game, it’s a perfect pastime for the whole family!– Flip the cards and match the same pictures!– From easy to hard difficulty levels: choose from 3×2, 4×3, 6×4, 7×4 and 8×4 tables!– Single player and multiplayer mode!– Pictures of all sorts of items will keep the kids entertained and interested!– Perfect brain game for both children and adults!Instructions to play the game:Here is where you need to use your memory: you have to find and match the identical playing cards. Click on the first card and then, click on the others to find the playing card that is identical to the first one, and so on. Memorize quickly all the turning cards! This way, you’ll be able to find them much easier and faster!Card game has long been a favorite one for all generations. It is easy to play, in fact it is so simple that really young children can play with ease. It requires observation, concentration and a good memory to win. Although the game is designed for a single player, two players can also play against each other.Memory Match Game – Items follows the same rules as other memory match games. Your goal is to quickly memorize the location of each image, then flip the cards back over to match the pairs.Logic games have been used for years to train short-term memory. Initially they were played using two decks of cards, and these days you can find memory match game sets. It is also known as Concentration, Pelmanism, or Pairs. In the match card game, all cards are laid face down on a table or other flat surface. It can be played solo, or with two or more players.Each player takes a turn turning over two cards. If the cards match, they are kept face up, otherwise they are turned face down again. The object is to turn over more pairs than your opponents, which you can do by better remembering where the various cards are (so you can make pairs when it’s your turn).Memory Match Game – Items is a free card game which trains your memory and guarantees you hours of fun. Your objective is to clear the board with as little tries as you can, by matching pairs of identical cards. Try to remember all of the cards as you turn them over!Math games and puzzles are also great to train memory and concentration! Solving crosswords and playing other mind games can improve your thinking and all brain teasers will help exercising your brain, and are great for both boys and girls!Ads information:=============This is a free and ad supported app with shortcut icons to other ad sponsored apps. You may remove them from your background whenever you want without affecting the app itself.You may also be notified about new free apps. In order to avoid the notifications, go to and to opt out or do it directly from the application.

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