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AddedApr 8th, 2012
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—Every feature you could ever want:Realistic old-school metronome animationThirty-seven different sounds effects!Tap tempo – tap the screen to set the speedTempo training mode – it listens to your beat – no screen tapping required!!!30-300 beats per minuteThe highest accuracy and repeatability possibleSet using an intuitive simulated metronome weight and a fine adjustment wheel.Seven quick-select time signaturesCustomize with any simple or complex meter you could want.Separate control of beat markers, measure markers, and subdivision markers.Visual counting mode, with multiple options depending on the time signature.Italian tempo markings.Audible voice counting.Supports headphones tog practice quietly or in noisy environmentsAdjustable background colorAND A fully functional drum machine, with thirty-seven sound effects! Build a sound loop by entering note lengths, rests, and sound effects! No size limit! Play the loop while you’re building it, for instant feedback. AND A complete set list manager! Name your metronome settings and/or drum machine loops so you can call them back later. Think about it, this has more features than commercial metronomes that cost $100 or more!— USER’S GUIDE —INTRODUCTIONMeganome displays an animated metronome in the upper panel. The lower panel contains a tabbed display that shows either the metronome controls, the drum machine, or the set list manager. Press the appropriate tab to switch between them. The size of the lower and upper panels can be changed by sliding the grey divider bar up or down.METRONOME SPEEDTo adjust the metronome speed, tap the upper panel, and the settings dialog will slide in. Slide the metronome weight or rotate the adjustment wheel to directly adjust the speed. Tap on the drum pad to enter a bpm by tapping. Press the "Train" button to train the metronome to any beat the phone’s microphone can hear.METRONOME CONTROLSIn the metronome controls tab, press the Beat Sound, Measure Accent, and Subdivision buttons to toggle audible beat modes. Change your time signature by pressing one of the seven different time signatures. The current time signature is highlighted by the green rectangle. To add a custom time signature, long-press an existing time signature, and you can replace it with a custom time signature of your choice. For certain time signatures, pressing the visual counting display will toggle between different counting modes.DRUM MACHINEIn the drum machine tab, select a beat duration and a beat source from the pull-down menus. You can listen to a sample of your current beat selection by pressing the green play button. Use the add beat icon (right arrow) to add this beat to your composition. The beat will be added above your current selection in the scrollable lower left list. Press the trash icon (left arrow) to remove the highlighted beat. The "Press to Play" button plays your composition. SET LIST MANAGERIn the Set List Manager tab, press the add icon (right arrow) to add the current metronome and drum machine settings to the set list. Use the trash icon (left arrow) to remove the highlighted set from the set list. Press the green play icon to load a set that has been selected by scrolling the lower left list.OTHER SETTINGSThe phone’s menu button accesses additional settings. Select your preferred beat sound, subdivision sound, accent sound, enable voice counting, change the background color, and change the volume. The phone’s physical volume buttons also change the volume.Enjoy!

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