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AddedApr 7th, 2013
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moodjo is a fun and simple way to meet new persons, AS IN REAL LIFE.moodjo’s ambition is to break down the barriers that prevent us from meeting new people spontaneously and naturally, in everyday life occasions: while going out with friends, or sitting at a table outside a café, going to the gym, shopping, at work, at the university, during your holiday, or simply meeting new people among your circle of friends…moodjo relies on a basic principle: you tag the persons that you have a crush for: it may be people you come accross or people that you see frequently in your daily life. Other users do the same. And if you have a mutual tag with someone, moodjo connects you, and then it’s up to you!What’s really smart with moodjo is that you tag people without any fear of getting turned down: the "windshield" is protecting you! You remain anonymous until the person you have tagged tags you back.IN PRACTICAL TERMS, MOODJO ENABLES YOU TO MEET NEW PERSONS:1) Among people you come accross, anywhere and on any occasion: You can "check in" to any kind of place: a café, a pub, a concert or festival, the gym, at work… and meet people that are REALLY there too.2) Among people that are part of your circles:moodjo allows you to create and to subscribe to circles.A circle gathers people who have something in common. In moodjo, almost anything can be a good reason to create a circle: your fabourite bar, your university, your company, a community that you belong to, an event, etc.In other words:With moodjo, the less time you spend on your computer, the more you go out and live a real (and fun) life, the more people you’ll meet!Rather cool, don’t you think?… and by the way, did we mention it was 100% free? ;-)MAIN FEATURES :☆ LIVE ACTION: meet new people in any place you’re at.☆ CIRCLES : meet people that are registered to the same circles as you.☆ FRIENDS : build your friends’ circle on moodjo and tag among your friends’ friends the ones you have a crush for.☆ ICE-BREAKER : chat in real-time to break the ice!☆ REVERSE-CHECK-IN : find the "busiest" places in your city (places where the most users are connected)☆ TRANSPORT : meet new people even in a train!☆ EVENT : create events in moodjo☆ PRIVATE CIRCLES : create circles that can be accessed only by people you approvemoodjo is a brand new app (v1.0)!Help us improve it by sending your feeback, bug reports and comments at this address: [email protected] will be much appreciated and very helpful to us to make the app always more efficient and fun!!

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