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How many time you forget where you have left your car? How many times have you asked where my car is?My Car Parking apps help you to find your car. With this free app you can save the position of your car with the precision of GPS signal. If GPS signal is not available (for example you are in underground parking) you can take a picture with your camera to save your position (floor, line, etc). So, it will be easy to find your car. If GPS signal is not available with a long touch on the map you can save your position.When you decide to return to your car, you can see your parking and your position in the maps, you can also follow the Google Navigator instruction to return to your parking. You can see the 3D map, where the service is available by Google.if it’s a payment parking, when you save it, you can set the expiration time and set an alert, that send you a notification 15 minutes before it expiry.You can save you favorites position (3 in the free version), display them on the map ed eventually reach by car o by walk with Google navigator For improvement send a mail to [email protected]: car , motorbike , hotel , extent , location , route , path , find , search , vehicle transport, locator , tracker , search for free , free , find , locate , take me to my car , I take my car , compass , find my car , find car , find car free , my car find car hound , find car, where’s my car?, Where is my car, where’s the car? , Where is the car , find my car – free , take me to car , Vehicle , transport , discoverer , finder , tracks , locator , hound , where’s , my , Where is my car , where’s my car , Waar is mijn auto? , auto , waar , Where My Car At? , my car , my motorbike, dove è la mia macchina, parcheggio Gps , trova la mia macchina, Navigazione navigator, dov’è la mia macchina

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