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NBA betting is here! The only NBA handicapping program that puts you in charge! This is not another app that spits out the same exact wagers to every player. Quick and easy to use, NBA Betting Genius allows you to rate each team on 24 factors, from half court offense, to rebounding margin, free throws, big men, and public opinion bias, as well as many others. From there, it utilizes your ratings to statistically weight the factors relative to the expected outcome, even going as far as analyzing the relationship between the point spread and the corresponding money line. NBA Genius then decides which one is the smarter bet, or if it is better to pass the game altogether. You are the critical input for each wager. For the basketball player, it is the edge in betting that takes your input and will put you over the top!In more detail: you rate the factors for each team, such as quarterback, with a simple evaluation from 1 to 9. All 20 factors can be rated from 1 to 9, or left as the default ‘5’. All the information at your disposal, all of your knowledge and insight, your analysis of the impact of injuries, and any insider knowledge or last minute factors such as weather can be used to determine how you rate each factor. Once this insight is provided, the Genius’s statistical engines take over and provide you with the best bet. NBA Betting Genius is quick and straightforward, which is perfectly suited to last minute changes.The team that developed NBA Betting Genius lives in Vegas and combined, has over 45 years

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