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The original, award-winning Net Nanny™ parental controls is now available for Android. Give your child the freedom to surf the Internet without the fear of inappropriate content. Net Nanny is a custom mobile browser that becomes your child’s default browser. Net Nanny can also manage which apps your child can or cannot use on their mobile device. Manage your child’s settings and devices, view reports, add users and much more from the web-based console. Simply follow the installation instructions and create a user profile for your child on his or her device. Use one of the pre-defined age-based user profiles or customize settings to include categories you create or specific sites you wish to block or allow. FREE 14-DAY TRIALA fully functional free trial protects your Android device for 14 days. Afterward, an annual subscription is available from for US$12.99 (usually US$19.99) for one device and up to 50% off for multiple devices. APPLICATION MANAGEMENTNet Nanny shows which apps are installed on the protected mobile device. Parents can block unwanted apps, see when new apps are installed, and even prevent new apps from running until approved. AGE-APPROPRIATE FILTERINGChoose from among four pre-defined, age-appropriate user profiles for your filter settings: Child (ages 7 and under), Pre-teen (ages 8-12), Teen (ages 13-17), Adult, or customize your own settings. 18 FILTERING CATEGORIESNet Nanny filters against 18 pre-defined categories. Each category can be configured to Block, Warn or Allow access to a page containing content in that category. Parents can also create their own custom categories. STRICT SAFE SEARCH ENFORCEMENTNet Nanny enforces the strictest safe search setting on all popular search engines. The user cannot disable this setting. ANTI-CIRCUMVENTIONOnce installed, kids must use the Net Nanny browser. Other browsers cannot launch. Administrator credentials are required to uninstall the app. Net Nanny also prevents most common task killers and app managers from stopping or uninstalling the app. Strong uninstall and anti-circumvention tools ensure your child is always protected.REAL TIME CONTEXTUAL ANALYSISNet Nanny categorizes web pages in real time, including brand-new web sites and sites with user-generated content, such as comments or posts. With over 150,000 new web pages each day, traditional list-based filters cannot adequately protect your family. MASK PROFANITYSwear words are replaced with characters (@#$%) so web pages with otherwise-appropriate content can still be viewed. REMOTE WEB-BASED MANAGEMENTAdministrators can manage any number of users and devices from a web-based console. Log in at to manage your family’s settings and account. Setting changes are reflected on the device in under a minute. CUSTOM WHITELIST AND BLACKLISTCreate custom lists for sites that should always be allowed (whitelist) or always be blocked (blacklist). Parents can also permanently override a blocked site on the device. WIFI AND 3G/4G PROTECTIONYour child’s mobile device is protected on any WiFi or 3G/4G network.MOZILLA-BASED BROWSERNet Nanny uses the latest Mozilla browser technology, making it robust, intuitive and familiar. The browser syncs with your Firefox desktop browser so you can access your bookmarks and browsing history. New enhancements to this browser include an easier to use interface, Adobe Flash support, faster page loads and less memory usage.ACTIVITY REPORTSUse the web-based Admin Console to view top web pages visited, blocked categories and alerts. A summary report of the past week’s activity is emailed to the parent weekly.Keywords: parental control, internet monitor, porn blocker, internet filter, monitoring software, parental controls, free parental control, internet monitoring software, internet filtering, child safety, cyberbullying, cyber bullying, app management, app manager

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