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Recover lost network signal in one click!! No.1 and Original Network recover WidgetTRIAL VERSION, FULL PRO FEATURES FOR 10 DAYS! (INCLUDING WIDGET), NO ADS.Featured Appbrain’s "Hot App" in just one day!!.IMPORTANT: NETWORK SIGNAL CANNOT BE BOOSTED, ONLY RECOVERED.THIS APP TRIES TO SET YOUR DEVICE WITH BEST POSSIBLE CONNECTION IN YOUR AREA. i.e. AFTER USING THIS APP, YOUR NETWORK SIGNAL CAN GET INCREASED IN STRENGTH (BY RECOVERING LOST SIGNAL), OR STAY CONSTANT(IF THERE IS NO SIGNAL TO RECOVER).[[Works perfectly for CDMA technology. GSM may not always work.]]NOTICE: THIS APP WON’T WORK ON DUAL SIM DEVICES.Basically this app refreshes the signal certain number of times until a good signal is found. The signal setting is done by Android system itself when signal is forcefully refreshed by this app.?Features:? 1click Home screen Widget for network signal recovering without launching App.(New).? Recover lost Network Signal(4G/3G/2G) and WiFi in 1Click.? Refreshing of signal results in good Internet browsing and downloading speed.? Set best WiFi connection (Refreshes the connections available).? 4G connection over 3G connection (Android system).? Results show good call quality after refresh.? Recovers all lost WiFi connection , Data connection & Signal Strength together in one click.? Fastest recovery of signal, not more than a minute.? Auto Close after Refreshing network.? Notify last Refresh time.? No fake boosting offered, but refreshes/resets the signal and guarantees the best possible signal strength in that area. Know that the results are same as any other "Network Booster" apps.? Quicker recovery of signal than lite version. And No Ads.So what does Network Signal Refresher do? How it helps you?How can this app recover lost signal strength? When is this app handy? If you are looking for a simple answer, Here it is: Network Signal Refresher helps your device to recover lost network signal by refreshing the network connection and forces Android system to set the best connection that is available in that cell site(or simply that area). Refreshing of signal also helps to prioritize the connections available and sets the best connection possible e.g. It helps your device to set 4G connection over 3G. Just like you get a fresh network when switching ON your device, Network Signal Refresher does this exact refreshing of signal without the heck of turning off device.PRO VERSION: search "NETWORK SIGNAL REFRESHER PRO" in Google Play Store.By 8JAPPS

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