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This program is a comprehensive list and overview of the drugs used by paramedics, as well as a reference of the most common home medications and their classes. If you are in paramedic school, or would just like to stay fresh on your medications that you commonly use, then this program is for you. This program was created by a paramedic for paramedics.The program includes:1) One-hundred and eleven (111) of the most commonly used emergency medications.2) Fourteen-hundred and seventy-three (1473) common home medications and their classes. 3) List defining home medication classesNational Registry Drugs Include:1. Abciximab2. Acetaminophen3. Activated Charcoal4. Adenosine5. Albuterol6. Alteplase Recombinant (tPa)7. Aminophylline8. Amiodarone9. Amrinone (Inamrinone)10. Amyl Nitrite11. Anistreplase (Apsac)12. Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)13. Atenolol14. Atracurium15. Atropine16. Bretylium17. Bumetanide18. Butorphanol19. Calcium Chloride20. Calcium Gluconate21. Chlordiazepoxide22. Chlorpromazine23. Dexamethasone24. Dextrose25. Diazepam26. Diazoxide27. Digoxin28. Digoxin Immune Fab29. Diltiazem30. Dimenhydrinate31. Dimercaprol32. Diphenhydramine33. Dobutamine34. Dopamine35. Droperidol36. Enoxaparin37. Epinephrine38. Eptifibatide39. Esmolo40. Etomidate41. Fentanyl Citrate42. Flecainide43. Flumazenil44. Fosphenytoin45. Furosemide46. Glucagon47. Haloperidol48. Heparin49. Hydralazine50. Hydrocortisone51. Hydroxyzine52. Ibuprofen53. Ibutilide54. Inamrinone55. Insulin56. Ipecac Syrup57. Ipratropium58. Isoetharine59. Isoproterenol60. Ketorolac61. Labetalol62. Levalbuterol63. Lidocaine64. Lorazepam65. Magnesium Sulfate66. Mannitol67. Meperidine68. Metaproterenol69. Metaraminol70. Methylprednisolone71. Metoclopramide72. Metoprolol73. Midazolam74. Milrinone75. Morphine76. Nalbuphine77. Naloxone78. Nesiritide79. Nifedipine80. Nitroglycerin81. Nitrous Oxide82. Norepinephrine83. Olanzapine84. Oxygen85. Oxytocin86. Pancuronium Bromide87. Phenobarbital88. Phenytoin89. Physostigmine90. Pralidoxime91. Procainamide92. Prochlorperazine93. Promethazine94. Propafanone95. Propofol96. Propranolol97. Prostaglandin E198. Racemic Epinephrine99. Rocuronium100. Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)101 Sodium Nitroprusside102. Sotalol103. Streptokinase104. Succinylcholine105. Tenecteplase106. Thiamine107. Tirobifan108. Vasopressin109. Vecuronium110. Verapamil111. ZiprasidoneAll drugs have been checked and double checked for accuracy. In the event you do find a drug that has an error. Please contact us at

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