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Have you ever wondered how pesto is made or how to combine spices to make your own Indian curry? How about making that perfect omelette or flavorful risotto? Let acclaimed television celebrity chefs Michael and Anna Olson help you become kitchen superstars with the Olson’s Recipe Maker.No, this is not another recipe book! It’s an interactive cooking experience where you are the architect, the creative force and the culinary boss of your own recipes. It’s a helping tool and ultimately what you put in your recipe is completely up to you!Simply insert the ingredients you have in your kitchen in the app and it will provide numerous delicious food combinations. Customize the template then save your recipe. With over 60 minutes of original video tutorials, Michael and Anna will guide you in the creative process.Don’t worry if you are missing an ingredient or two, the app can automatically add it to your shopping list.Let your biggest cravings guide you while you discover new ways of preparing, cooking and garnishing your meals. The more you interact with the app the more you are sure to discover.Get cooking!Key features:*Over 40 instructional video segments featuring Anna and her husband Michael Olson*An expansive database of ingredients*A shopping list to gather ingredients you need for your recipe*Thousands of possible combinations spanning from curry to pizza to risotto and more…*Discover combinations for spice rubs, glazes, marinades, pestos and salsas to add that finishing touch to a dish.*A list of the 20 essential ingredients that every home cook needs to have in their kitchen.So download the app and start experimenting!

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