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Attention: All full-pledged, would-be, and aspiring parents who want to give only the best for their children!"Who Else Wants to Become the World’s Greatest Mom or Dad Without Putting Yourself to Wit’s End in Raising Highly Successful Children?"If that’s you, you need to download Parenting Tips & Tricks!There is not a perfect parent in the world, but you can surely be the best parent your children can ever have. How will you do that? You must: – Comprehend what moves children’s sentiment. – Anticipate their every tantrum. – Appreciate them as wonderful gifts and blessings. – Understand what your kids need or like. – Address all their challenges and emotions.Surely, being an exceptionally learned parent is a vital responsibility in building a stable family. However, what you may not know is:"Being a parent can both be fun and easy!"PARENTING TIPS & TRICKS, Smart Parenting: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century is a must-read for all parents who want to raise success-bound kids.This app is designed for parents of the new century. It is packed with all the necessary information that parents of today will surely need. It is updated with the current ideas and studies that pertain to parenting and child psychology.This exciting app will bring out the best parent in you. It also tackles children’s behavior from a psychological viewpoint. This will enable you to understand your children more and know why they engage in the things that they do.PARENTING TIPS & TRICKS, Smart Parenting: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century will teach readers:- What the children of the 21st century are like in general.- How to increase your chances of raising highly successful kids.- What encouragement, praises, and positive reinforcement do to children.- The things a parent should avoid so as not to spoil their kids.- How children can be subjected to unnecessary pressure by demanding parents.- The negative effects of unreasonable demands by parents to their children.- How to know if you are a demanding parent.- How to teach the value of obedience, sincerity, order, and justice to kids.- The best way to talk to your children.- How to build your children’s self-esteem.- How to form values in your kids and instill good behavior in them.- Why the time for play and recreation is important for children’s growing years.- How simple acts of affection create positive responses from children.- The magic of touch and hugging.- Why parenting is such a challenge.- And a whole lot more!For a limited time, you can get PARENTING TIPS & TRICKS for only 99 cents!

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