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AddedOct 8th, 2012
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This is the donate version of "Poker Equity Calculator".It’s exactly the same as the free version, but without ads.Pros: * No ads * You encourage mamuso to keep on developing * You will feel 23.4% happier :PCons: * You will be a coffee poorer (can you afford it?)—-With Poker Equity Calculator you can calculate the probability of winning a Texas Holdem hand.It works in a similar way to PokerStove, Pokerstrategy Equilator or Equilab.You can put your opponents into a range, or select specific cards.Also you can specify the Flop, Turn and/or River cards. Equity calculation is done with Monte Carlo simulation.In some seconds you will get a good estimation of the probability of winning.Features:* Range selection by type (suited, offsuit, pairs)* Range selection by percentage ( e.g. the best 15% hands )* Range selection by suits * Hole Cards selection* Flop, Turn and River cards selection * Monte Carlo simulationYou can get more info at

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