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Do you have someone or something you love so much that you want to always keep it in your sight? If you do, then this app is for you!’Precious One Photo Stand’ allows you to pick an image from your image gallery on your Android device and have it displays on the screen.===========EXPLANATION OF PERMISSIONS:1) Permission name: READ YOUR CONTACTSExplanation: This permission is required to read number of missed calls from you device.2) Permission name: FULL NETWORK ACCESS and VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONSExplanation: These 2 permissions are required to read and display Advertisement banner.===========Just take a picture of that someone or something (your family, friends, your dog/cats, nature picture, your favorite singer/actor/actress, cartoon character, anime character, an image you downloaded from internet or anything that you love) and run this app, select the image and there you have it!You can also display it with your choice of:1 or 2 month calendarLocal timeLocal dateWorld time (pick from 244 major cities around the world)Battery remainingNumber of missed calls while you were away from your phoneYou can display all of the above, just a few of them, or none of them, it’s your choice.And if you have more than 1 picture, don’t worry as ‘Precious One Photo Stand’ allows you to display up to 60 pictures sequentially or randomly with cool fade in/fade out effect.’Precious One Photo Stand’ works best if you have a dock or cradle as you can just leave the app running while the Android device is being charged.FEATURES:- Display local time and date.- Display times of cities from around the world for up to 8 cities simultaneously. You can choose from 244 major cities around the world.- Adjusts to daylight saving time (summer time) automatically for all the cities.- ‘Fade in/fade out’ effect.- Display a 1-month or 2-month calendar. The calendar display can start with Sunday or Monday.- Choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock.- Show/hide the seconds display.- Customizable transparency.- Customizable font size from 15 points to 110 points.- Customizable date formats.- Display in these languages:1) Brazilian Portuguese2) Chinese (Simplified)3) Chinese (Traditional)4) Dutch5) English6) French7) German8) Italian9) Japanese10) Korean11) Spanish12) SwedishNOTE:To avoid going into Sleep mode, when ‘Precious One Photo Stand’ is running, the system’s auto-lock features is automatically disabled.NEED YOUR HELP!:If you know 1 or 2 character abbreviation for day names (In English, this would be ‘Mo’ for Monday, ‘Tu’ for Tuesday, and so on) for the following languages and would like to see it in this app, please send me an email to let me know.Brazilian PortugueseChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)DutchFrenchGermanItalianKoreanSpanishSwedishKEYWORD:Digital Photo Frame, World clock, World Time, Battery, Missed call, Calendar, Photo stand, family picture, pictures

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