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The idiom dictionary application contains a total of more than 32,000 idioms.Chinese idioms One like the concept of fixed phrase or phrases, often with a historical story and philosophical significance. About 96 percent of the idiom by four words, there are more than words or five words. According to the research, the source of the idiom about five were: myths, legends, literature, folk, spoken language, foreign culture. Idioms are widely used in classical Chinese, and in today’s vernacular writing or in everyday conversation, there are still a large number of surviving. The idioms belongs Sayings One species, most of them from the scriptures. One these idioms literally judge semantics, such as "quick-witted" "impassable", "troubled times with heavy penalties are" etc.; also have One more idioms in the learning process, we must at the same time understand the idiom behind the source of provenance: the story of its associated myth or history, etc., in order to understand, such as "disregard the changing circumstances," genuinely listened to ". However, some of the original can not be from the literal meaning of the idiom, its significance is widely misunderstood, nobody verified, enduring results, making these idioms abnormal use, rather than its literal meaning of its extended meaning. Such as "groundless", people think it refers to the unfounded rumors. But in fact, it is precisely rumors (This idiom is more than the following sentence to make whitewash to make it mean more obvious, is "not necessarily no). Another example is the "haircut" considered "plain" without modification of the face, "day" refers to the sky, but in fact "days" refers to the emperor (the emperor), the meaning of the idiom from One allusions come should the woman is both beautiful and confident.

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