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"…worthwhile set of apps for both Android and Apple" – NY Times$.99 SALE – 50% OFF for a limited time!R E A D F I R S T (UPDATE!):3/21/2013 – Audio gap issue FIXED! This fix ONLY works with with Android 4.1+ or 2.2 & International devices with proper ROM’s – see below.Devices running Android 2.3+, 3.0+ and 4.0 ICS will experience audio gaps, unless the device is using 2.2, 4.1+ or International/Global ROMs i.e. Jelly Thunder – some devices outside the US will work fine. This was an ongoing Google issue see link http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=18756A GREAT PRODUCT AT A GREAT PRICE!!! SEEN IN PUBLICATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE. HELPING THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED USERS.Let AmbiScience™ take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety of effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you sleep deeply.AmbiScience™ is a ONE-OF-A-KIND* ambient Music and Brainwave Entrainment app. The only app which includes Isochronic and Binaural entrainment in ONE and with unparalleled ambient music.FEATURES (OVER 25+ Tracks, Effects and Sounds!):- 9 Long Professional Music Ambient Tracks HIGH QUALITY BEAUTIFUL TRACKS• 10 Nature Sound Tracks• 3 Noise Tracks• 7 Entrainment Tracks:– 3 Isochronic Entrainment Tracks– 3 Binaural Entrainment Tracks– > 12min Progressive SLEEP Track• Create your own CUSTOM programs• Layer HUNDREDS of combinations!• MULTITASKING audio available!• PERFECT Seamless Loops • Full-Featured presets• Countdown timer with fader• Countdown end chime• Alarm (wake to your favorite tracks)• Snooze option for Alarm• Auto Quit/Exit feature• Adjustable independent volumes• The smallest available files• Highest quality audio• Easy to use interface• Easy Instructions• Free UpdatesBRAINWAVE/ENTRAINMENT PROGRAMS:- 7 Entrainment Programs:• 2 PowerNap programs: Binaural and Isochronic• 2 Sleep programs: Binaural and Isochronic• 2 Deep Sleep programs: Binaural and Isochronic• 12min. Progressive Isochronic Sleep program– Full instructions in app.9 BEAUTIFUL Ambient Tracks:• Tesla at Twilight• Desert Sunrise• Didgeridoo Dreams• Angel Ascension• An Evening Rain• High Plains Japan• The Power Plant• Joseph’s Dream• An Android’s DreamPLUS! 3 NOISE TRACKS (white, pink and brown)PLUS! 2 SOUND TRACKS:• Just the Rain (also in presets)• Just the Waves (also in presets)ADDITIONAL 8 NATURE SOUNDS (via presets page):• Stream• Birds• Chimes• Night• Waterfall• Thunder• Wind• OceanSurf 3D> MACWORLD – 4.5 STARS <> WINNER -IPHONE EXCELLENCE AWARD <> "HANDS-DOWN FAVORITE" – MACLIFE <"THE AMBISCIENCE™ SERIES FROM TESLA, IN MY OPINION, IS THE BEST OF THE BUNCH."- EDITOR TUAW.COM*** NOTE: This app will check phone status so not to interrupt incoming calls. This does not alter or interfere with your device. External downloading of misc files will be required within app, best to use a wifi connection. If you’re updating, you might not see files in download section since you already have them on storage.Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TeslaSoft or visit us at www.teslasoftware.com.Check out our other apps! Type ‘AmbiScience’ or ‘Tesla Software’ in search today – we are on iTunes too!*** If you are having ANY issues DOWNLOADING, UPDATING or PERFORMANCE with this software, please contact us via email ([email protected]).***Enjoy. ***

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