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This theme now has it’s own GO Locker theme! Quick, take a look! If you like the theme, please have a look at the premium blue version: ‘Chromeberry Go Launcher Theme’, thanks!-< Introduction >-Red Chrome, the red version of Chromeberry, is a dark red chrome Go Launcher EX Theme.The theme covers: interface, app drawer, folders, dock icons and 4 wallpapers.-< How to install >-The GO Launcher EX launcher is required for this theme to work. It can be downloaded for free in the android market.To apply this theme:1. Download & Install2. Open theme through the Play Store3. Enjoy-< Technical support >-You can always see your installed themes here: MENU -> Themes -> InstalledTo apply additional wallpapers:Menu -> Wallpapers -> GO Wallpapers -> choose!If something is not working, please send me a mail. Either I’ll help you or you’ll help me.About permissions: I use a program of the GO dev Team to create themes, they choose which permissions are in it and how the theme apps work.-< Important >-Comments are appreciatedThank you all for downloading!Q&AQ: Is this a virus?A: No.Q: Why does this need the (…) permission?A: GO Launcher needs all asked permissions.Q: Are you an evil professor hiding in an underground lab collecting all my data to infringe my privacy?A: No.

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