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"Send Next Mail Assist for Tab" made for you who think inputting mail of similar content is messy.You can create one that address, subject and text were input can be made as a canned text (fixed form sentence) and save itand you can easily send that template (fixed form sentense) by e-mail.?this app operates on Android2.x over 7 inches or Android3.0(honeycomb) and up. If your version is Android 1.6 ~ Android 2.x, please use app "Send Mail Assist".?Adobe AIR is automatically installed, when starting this application. Adobe AIR is no charge. ?FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES?transmission processing of mail can be sent by any mail app you like because the mail app does .?Templates (fixed form sentense) are registerable up to 20. ?each item can input …[Canned Text]: up to 20 characters. ?this is used in order to distinguish fixed form sentences, Not inputted this into mail to create.[Class]: a class of templates. It is possible to classify templates, business or private.[To][Cc][Bcc]: up to Two or more addresses.[Subject]: up to 50 characters.[Body]: input sections are divided into 3 blocks. for example, biginning of a sentence, end of a sentence and signature. and you can create subject by putting together 3 blocks of input sections. up to 256 x 3 characters. ?It is possible to change business/private templates by using tabs.?This app corresponds to the expansion display and the reduction display so that it may be easy to browse. Two Fingers Pinch or Press [+] [-] Buttons can lets you zoom in and zoom out.?Characters of each saved item can be copied as a template. ?Templates are registered beforehand, and these can be edited and deleted. ?language support is English and Japanese. You can set language when first reboot of this app. and also you can change it that way, [Menu]->[Language].?sending mail is supported by E-mail.?It doesn’t function correctly with a part of model. ? OS?Android2.x over 7 inches?Android3.0(honeycomb) and up?OPERATION CHECKED MODELICONIA TAB A500SHARP A01SHSony Tablet SGALAXY Tab SC-01C?KNOWN ISSUESIt cannot assume the responsibility of damage when this application is used and damage and the disappearance of data are generated at all. Thank you.if you have requests for adding function or have some other questions, please contact us below

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