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Separate Checks lets you quickly split a dinner bill. Other apps only let you to add tax and tip, then split the total equally for everyone. While Separate Checks can do this simple task quickly, there may be times when it’s more appropriate to split the check according to what people ordered.Do you like Japenese food, but you’re the only one that doesn’t eat the expensive sushi? Is your designated driver paying for some of your drinks as well as all the gas? Or maybe your server won’t split the checks for you? If so, Separate Checks can help you…To use Separate Checks, just enter each item from the bill and assign it to the one who ordered it. If a single item was split between two people, enter the item, split it two ways, and assign it to the two people. Keep going down the list ’till your done. It’s as simple as that. You can double-check the final amount with the bill’s total to make sure everything was entered properly. Each person has a summary screen to see each item they ordered, adjust their tip percentage, and view their total bill, including tax. You can also view a summary for everyone to see what the total amount will be including everyone’s tip.The default tax rate of 4.712% (Hawaii) can be changed by going to Preferences. You can also choose to pay tip on the tax (which some other apps do), but the default setting does not tip on the tax.

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