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The ultimate alchemy manager for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim game.With this application you can find optimal combinations for any objective. Get the maximum benefit or the effects you want. Create pure potions and poisons. Create recipes to discover the largest number of effects. Try different alchemy perks before upgrading. Increase quickly your gold and your skills.Features:- Calculates all available recipes you can do with a set of ingredients. Searches by all the 33,682 optimal combinations with all common ingredients, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs.- Allows you to manage many character status. It remembers current skills, selected perks and equipment of the character. These values ??have influence on alchemy results.- The value, magnitude and duration of effects in the recipes are calculated taking into account the character status. Therefore, the effects are the same in the game.- Takes into consideration "special" ingredients which multiply (sometimes x100) the value, magnitude and duration of some effects.- You can save ingredients information on every character status: selections, the amount you have and the discovered effects in the game.- You can use these information in searches to find available recipes with your inventory and new recipes to discover new effects.- When you make a recipe in the game, you just have to push a button to update the discovered effects and number of ingredients. There’s no need to update manually the character status in the application.- You can do quick searches by simply selecting ingredients from the list. You don

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