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DeveloperMyWavia Studios Pvt. Ltd.
AddedFeb 5th, 2011
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Virtually Experience The LIVE Casino with the 3-packed SLOTS ROYALE for FREE from MyWavia Studios. Play Live challenges with Friends and Millions of online players with 5 Tournament Rooms. Bonus games include Wheel of Fortune/Video Poker.THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. NO REAL WORLD MONEY IS INVOLVED.Enjoy playing slots machines like slotomania ? Slots Royale on Android brings the richness of iPhone to Android. Free! and works seamlessly on any Android device [showing off the entire casino room in three-part screen] with 1. Enjoy the virtual casino room with 3 Paying Machines and play them at the same time. Just a swipe away to switch slots and win endlessly. Your virtual CHIPS are shared across machines. 2. Multi Paylines. – Bet Heavy playing 5 Paylines. More Risk, More Return as they say. – JACKPOT – 3 GOLD COINs pays virtual $10000. 3. The lovable bonus games – Jacks or Better Video Poker/Wheel of Fortune, No matter what, You just get paid if you hit the bonus. All it needs is to hit 2 MARTINIs and an ORANGE/BELL. 4. SHOP, to choose from a virtual Rolex to a virtual Space Trip. Casino go-ers arena. Buy off items. Just make sure you cash-out your CHIPS to spend. Send, and Accept Gifts from your friends and loved ones. 5. To Add, World-wide online players are shown right inside the game. Country-Wise comparisons are available too. Competitions are possible not only with the virtual money but also with the items bought from the SHOP. New features include “HALL of FAME” for top players, and “TODAYs Highest players”. 6. High Definition Graphic Art Highly detailed graphics for Higher phone resolutions. eg: Nexus, Droid etc. 7. Enjoy the Ambience/ Background score and the realistic sounds designed for a casino while playing. 8. Boast off your Virtual Money on Social Nets, Facebook, Twitter and Email. Just a hassle-free tap away. NEW: I) Slots Royale 4.1 – a. Introducing NUDGE/HOLD & SUPER JACKPOT – adding 200 virtual credits every minute. b. New bonus game. The VIDEO POKER – JACKS or BETTER. UNLIMITED PLAY and TOTALLY FREE c. TWO NEW SLOT MACHINES ALONG WITH CLASSICS – just swipe and play. – PHARAOH’s GOLD – JAM SESSION II) You are not ALONE anymore. Compare your scores with your Facebook friends, Challenge them, poke them and look at their profile pictures. III) Slots Royale 6.0- Play Live challenges with Friends and millions of online players with 5 Tournament Rooms. There are Slots Machine and Slot Machines. But here is SLOTS ROYALE. Following it up with ROULETTE ROYALE. (VERY SOON).Any comments/Help? Write to us at [email protected] .Follow Us @

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