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This is a read-aloud tool for the chats of a second life (online game). The conversation by a chat is received, and the text is synthesized voice from it and outputted. The sound from which it synthesized voice is sent to the in world of a second life by tying to the line-in or the microphone input plug of a personal computer which takes out from the cable connected to the earphone jack of a terminal, and is using the cable for a second life. Moreover, alone, it cannot use. SpeechClientHUD is needed in a second life. HUD is sold by the SpeechClien-box name in the marketplace of a second life site. Moreover, it sells even to the flea market in Nipponbashi Sim. A place is here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nipponbashi/87/62/27 And please use it in the mobile network which cannot be used in Wi-Fi. Please carry out a voice chat setup in the second side. 1. Add the voice synthesis library for Japanese (Japanese TTS engine for Android "N2 TTS") to a smart phone. The Japanese version is not contained although the library of the English-language edition is included in Andorid. Therefore, in order to read out Japanese, those for Japanese are incorporated and there is necessity. The installation method: (1) an application — please search a package with N2 TTS from installation Android Market — after the completion of download, if the confirmation message of installation comes out, this application [to open] will be started after the completion of [installation] installation. (2) Since the kind of voice synthesis engine can be chosen if the standard engine of the setting (Menu> setting > voice input/output > voice synthesis setup) "basic setup" category of voice synthesis is chosen, choose KDDILABS N2 TTS here. Then, Japanese is chosen in the language of a "basic setting" category. In this state, if a sample audition is chosen, a synthetic voice can be heard. 2. Connection of a cable One of the two of a connecting cable is connected to the earphone jack of a smart phone, and one of the two is already connected to the line-in terminal or microphone input plug of a personal computer which has started the second life. 3. Setup of Microphone and Line-in In windows7 use, please choose the sound of a control panel, choose the microphone or line-in in a recording tab, and click ?? for this device in the tab which chooses and hears that property. Voice can come to be heard now also itself. Directions for use; Please push the START button and make it green. If it pushes once again, it will become red and will be interrupted. The Close button is pushed and an application is ended. The Setup button and the About button are displayed by pushing the menu button of a main part. The About button is outline explanation. Each setup can be changed by choosing the audio input item of the setting screen displayed by pushing the Setup button, and choosing the setting item of text read-aloud. It can use above.

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