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This library provides variable speed playback for podcast players. It’s exactly the same as the ‘Presto Sound Library Open Beta except:* It doesn’t crash all the time* Adds simple UI to allow playback speeds faster than 2x* JellyBean+ devices support most audio formats, including MP3, Vorbis and AAC* Pre-JellyBean devices only playback MP3 files* Pre-JellyBean devices do not support streamingIt acts as a background service, and provides variable speed playback of all audio formats supported by Android MediaPlayer, this including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and, unlike Presto, AAC.If you already own Presto, you MUST UNINSTALL PRESTO before Stable Speed will work.PLEASE NOTE: In the near future BeyondPod and DoggCatcher will be supporting variable-speed playback natively, and there will be no need to also purchase Stable Speed.Stable Speed has been confirmed to work with :- BeyondPod- DoggCatcher- PodTrapper Beta- AkimboSadly Pocket Casts has dropped support for Presto-compatible components due to the Presto’s instability. If only Pocket Casts had waited for Stable Speed!This code puts a premium on stability. If an error is detected you will be prompted to email the issue to me. Please do so!Internet access is necessary to stream files from the Internet.I’m sorry the screenshots aren’t nicer, but there’s not really a user interface, and Google insist on two screenshots!

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