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Stones HD WallpapersA collection of high-quality, manually confiscation images of natural stones.More than 40 stunning images of high resolution wallpapers for your Android device thatapplication allows you to choose without unnecessary actions and set yourself on the phone.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest imagesOriginal, high quality, convenient!Comment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!Natural stone – a natural building material.Natural stone called all the rocks used in construction. These include marble, granite, travertine, slate, sandstone, limestone and onyx.Natural stone is one of the oldest materials used by people to build houses or facing facade. Thanks to the beauty, strength and durability of natural stone is the decoration of palaces, temples, mansions or ordinary houses. The interior natural stone can be used in different variations.Most often, natural stones used in the decoration of buildings, both inside and outside. To use a special inner lining of marble or granite wallpaper. The combination of mosaic patterns and patterned structures lend the beauty and richness.Also very popular natural stone cladding facades. First, it is an attractive appearance, and secondly, it is very eco-friendly and it is very durable material. Also, wear-resistant natural stone, cold-resistant and almost does not absorb moisture. The disadvantage of this material – relatively expensive.Granite – Natural Stone magmatic origin, which is composed of quartz, plagioclase, K-feldspar and mica. Colours: black, red, burgundy-red, red-pink, pink, brown-red, gray-green, black and green with a large transparent inserts.Marble is the most popular and elite stone of natural stones. Marble fireplaces and staircases today are a great solution for arranging the beauty and luxury in your home.Onyx is a semi-precious stone has healing properties [citation needed 86 days], and the Aztecs this stone was considered sacred at all [citation needed 86 days]. This unusual stone colors, beautiful and thin strips attached to the unusual beauty of this stone.Quartzite-sandstone – stone, stone of sedimentary origin, which is a rock-forming mineral quartz. Colours: yellow, beige, gray, natural colors with a pronounced pattern.Sandstone – natural rock of sedimentary origin composed mainly of quartz particles. Colours: yellow, yellow-brown, gray, gray-green, natural colors.Quartzite – natural stone, which refers to the metamorphic rock consisting mainly of quartz and mica. Colours: gray-green and yellow-brown, natural colors, interspersed with silver mica.Slate – a natural stone that belongs to the clastic rocks. Colors: dark green, gray, brown, yellow, red, natural colors.Porphyry – natural stone, which refers to the fine-grained igneous rock with large inclusions of quartz crystals. Colors: dark red, brown, natural colors, with black highlights.Dolomite – a natural sedimentary rock composed entirely of the mineral dolomite. Colours: pink, yellow, natural colors.These pictures are high resolution (HD Wallpapers) look great on your android device with any screen resolution (480×854, 960×540, 1280×720, 480×800, 1280×800, 480×320)

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