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Need to have MMS set up correctly before downloading this app. Make sure the GPS location is enable so the app can read your correct location.This App has been developed with a view to reduce the number of missing people and unsolved crimes.The product concerned is a Personal Security Camera. Basically it works like a gun in the respect that every situation where you would use a gun to protect yourself as a civilian, you can use this Personal Security Camera instead. However instead of a gun, you have an app on your phone which you can press to instantly take a picture, record your whereabouts on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and send this information to your email and a friend you would contact in case of an emergency. This way if you happen to be a victim of an assault for example, you can ensure that you have a proper record of what the culprit looks like. Also, in the event that you go missing, the police can locate your last known whereabouts and the picture of the last person who you were with before you went missing.The way the camera works is that as soon as you take a picture, without any further prompt the picture automatically goes to your nominated email address and also to a nominated mobile phone with your current GPS location. This way if the camera is destroyed afterwards the picture is still secure. Also if the person who took the picture goes missing then the police can check the email/picture/GPS coordinates to see the last picture you took and can get an early lead on a prime suspect.In a world where this product is well advertised and well recognised this camera can also work as a deterrent as once the attacker/potential attacker’s picture is taken they will have 2 choices left; either to attack further and stack up their crimes more, (knowing that it’s extremely likely they will be caught) or to stop and just walk away.Some examples of situations where the camera can be used:- when going on a blind date take a picture of the date whence you meet them- if walking by yourself and someone starts following you, take their picture- someone approaches you in a very aggressive manner, take their picture- taxi driver takes a photo of passenger before picking them up- a policeman who’s on patrol alone takes picture of a person who they’ve pulled over

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