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AddedApr 9th, 2012
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Send response message by messenger for free!!!*** Notification : New name, SU Settings Changer!!! Please remove SU Settings General and SU Wallpaper Simple.SU Unified Messenger provides provides the plug-in apps with a unified messaging service(messenger and text message) depending on your situations.You may need to send a response message, like "I’m busy now. Call me later!!!", to the caller after blocking a incoming call.SU Unified Messenger takes a role to automatically send your response message for SU Call Control which has blocked the incoming calls.We are going to provide you with more plug-in apps supporting it and the user interface by which you can send a message without considering which messenger service you should use.There are the messenger, text, email service provided by SU Unified Messenger. – Messenger : Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber and so on. – Text message : SMS with controlling that you can limit the number of messages to send. – Email : it will be provided as soon as possible.Messenger supported by SU Unified Messenger : – user account : Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber – opposing account : Any messenger service supporting XMPP protocol such as Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber, ICQ and so on.Enhancement to control : – You can confirm to allow or not when a plug-in app requires the permission to use the unified messaging service. – You can turn on or off which networks, WIFI and data network, should be used. – You can define the maximum limit which restricts the number of messages to send. – You can enable or disable the funtion of SU Unified Messenger by touching once.Enhancement to be secure : – Your ID and password of a messenger service are securely stored and managed by encrypting them.It is a plug-in app cooperating with SU Mode Changer or SU Call Control which manage your situations.You can run the app stand-alone but it can’t store and manage the settings in such a case.What is a plug-in app? There are many needs for controlling the phone depending on your situations. Someone may want to change the volume of phone, others may want to manage the general settings of phone.SU Mode Chanager has the plugin architecture which enables the app to be expandable by stacking up the small apps like LEGO blocks. A PlugIn app is regarded as a LEGO block. – SU Wallpaper Simple : it manages the wallpaper depending on your situations. – SU Settings General : it manages the phone settings depending on your situations. # Display : auto-rotate screen, brightness mode, brightness, screen timeout # Sound : silent mode, phone ringtone, notification sound, ring vibration, notification vibration, dial tone, audible selection, haptic feedback # Volume : alarm, media, notification, ringtone, system, voice # Network : airplande mode, wifi, mobile data, bluetooth # Etc. : GPS, auto sync – SU Call Control : it blocks the the incoming calls and text messages and controls how to pick up or hang up the incoming calls depending on your situations. # Block : by group, contacts, phone number and rule # Pick-up/Hang-up : ASAP – SU Unified Messenger : it provides the plug-in apps with a unified messaging service(messenger and text message) depending on your situations. # Messenger : Google GTalk, Facebook, Jabber and so on. # Text Message : SMSKEYWORD: Call Block, Spam, Text Message, SMS, Messenger, Wallpaper, System Settings, Situation, Mode, Changer, Plug-in

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