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This App can move updated Systemapps Like Maps,Market or Search, back to /system/app and save space on /data/appfor this is *** ROOT *** required !! if something doesnt work Please use the "SendDump" function of SystemCleanup and write me a short description ###*best system / cache cleaner in market ;o) hold your system clean and free of bloatware. disable autostart / autorun of apps and services and …Features:-Freeze/Remove Bloatware (it include a short description of common Apks)-Move Userapps to /System/App to save Space-Completely Odexfile aware (it shows the odex/dalvik file in detailview)-Odex Apps directly On Phone to save Space on /data-you’ll get a notification if such an app is updated via Market-cleanup App cache-cleanup *dead* "/data/data//*.*" folder if apk is removed-cleanup "/system/etc/product/apps/*.*"-cleanup "/system/etc/customization/applications"-cleanup ".android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec"-cleanup empty or duplicated Playlists-cleanup dalvik-cache remove unused classes.dex files-**automaticly checks for updated systemfiles wenn a package is updated (i.e. market) and shows a notify if a package exists in /system AND /data. (systemcleanup doesnt need to run in background! it register itself for ‘package_replaced’ intent ;o) **-shows memoryusage of running apps-search for unknown packagenanme with Google on a Single Click -you can send me an updated/missing description for a System.apk per eMail ;o)-in settings you can set the default installation location for packagemanager (auto,internal,sdcard)-enable disable Activities and Services (i.E. disable the "Latitude" component of Maps if you dont need it)-enable disable Autoruns-Freeze items by PackageManager "disable component" or simply by rename with undescore-added /system/vendor/app as systempath-added /vendor/overlay/framework to cleanup paths-backup/restore function for apk+data-show apps installed on sdcard to manage autoruns-added "Move app to Sdcard"-restore only the apk or only the app data now-negate the search with an "!" as first char-send your backups to you google drive, dropbox, bluetooth, wifi direct or just via email. -restore your backups i.e. directly from your google drive ;)-added the MEDIA_BUTTON to autostarts menu (to prevent the wrong (media)app to start on headsetbutton)-added App Descriptions for Samsung Galaxy S3-added support for Alcatel Phonesupdate version 3.33:-added a setting to delete or not delete the classes.dex from APK update version 3.35:-added zipalignupdate version 3.37:(i hope everything is correct translated! if you find something wrong pls mail me)-added support for android 4.2 "/data/app-lib"update version 3.42:-added "translate description" functionupdate version 3.44:-added option to disable zipalign (do not enable this on lowend phones!)update version 3.45:-added an option to mark systemapks to "allways delete this file" they appear on the cleanup tab as cleanuptasks ;o)update version 3.57:-systemcleanup can now do automaticly/planned autocleanups. it listen for a sendBroadcast(new Intent("")); (this can be used i.e. in my tool smartQRTags)update version 3.70:-speedimprovments wenn searching for apps-sort by "app currently running"-colors for drive freespace barsupdate version 3.72:-optimized itemsortupdate version 4.00:-complete refactoring of internal root access lib (big speed improvment)update version 4.01:-bugfixes-some UI changes

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