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Never lose that vital receipt again!Never again be frustrated by lost bits of paper!Never again enter receipts at tax time!Never again fill in an expense claim for the Accounts Department! Tax Receipt Log helps you to easily track every itty bitty detail of work expenses.And it only takes 15 seconds. Done. Sorted. Forgotten – even emails it all to the accountant! You never touch the receipts again! Magic? We know! Tax Receipt Log is fast, simple and easy to use. It has user editable categories. It emails the completed file with a photo of each receipt (original documentation) to whoever you need to send it to. Never hunt for lost bits of paper, never search through credit card statements wondering what that charge was for. Never be late submitting a travel claim again.Check the User Manual on the web site, the "How To" video for a quick tour – or just open the App and take a snap of your receipt, (I do it right there at the check out – I get the GPS location of the purchase). Then, type in the cost (including any tax). Click "Save" and you are all done, in less than 15 seconds. If you want, you can also choose a Category for the expense. You can add Notes or a Voice Memo. Do it all at once if you have time or add details later at your leisure! Tax Receipt Log records all of the data in a spreadsheet compatible file along with the photos any notes and voice memos. This file is emailed to whoever you choose with all the photos, notes and memos attached to their relevant receipt in the spreadsheet.The accounts department will love you! That’s it. The job is done. Go Play!What’s New in Version 1.2?We added several functions our users have asked for. These include :1. Enter Tax percentages in decimal places. This feature allows the user to enter their relevant tax percentage to suit their local tax requirements. The feature is accessed in Settings/Tax Percentage. Use the Add New Tax Listing at the bottom of the screen.2. Unique ID – this will allow the user to put in a Unique ID, (Alphanumeric) that can be used by the accounts department or Tax Accountant to identify each user where many are submitting their expense claims by email. This ID can be entered in Settings.3. Email immediately. This feature can be chosen in Settings/Reminders where the user can choose how often TRL will remind them to email (Backup) their receipt log. By choosing the “Send Immediately” feature the user chooses to send each receipt as it is entered. This will suit some service providers who process their client’s expense claims in real time.4. Category Management. Add New Category from Choose Category screen. This feature allows the user to add a new category from the screen where they are choosing a category for a receipt. Makes for an easier user experience. We have also added a Delete category button.5. Enter multiple email addresses. Access this new feature from Settings. Add as many email addresses as needed. Eg: Your own, the Accountant’s department or your tax accountant. Every time you email the log it will go to those email addresses. Can be edited at any time.

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