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Speed ??Racer: Racing in the offline version. Now playing this amazing racing game, you do not need Facebook LoginWith the reality of control and outdoor environment, where you can set a new personal speed record high-speed racing loading. CPU control the handcart easy, medium and difficult levels,If you have speed, playing in a difficult degree to show off.Note: This game is very addictive!- How to play -* Click on the accelerometer at the start of the game* Once the street lights turn green, then press: Gear rose to accelerate.* The key here is how you can change your gear, to get maximum speed.- The game is divided into three levels -Is simple: in the practice mode, you can in a simple model of the CPU opponent.: In practice mode, you can difficuly level CPU opponent.Difficult: If you think you have enough speed to play in hard mode. The precise shift gears can make your maximum speed, which can help you beat the score.- Control car dashboard project -Gear – gear- In order to improve gear deceleration reduceAccelerometer – To start the gameTo display the car’s maximum RPM value tachometer -Gear indicator – shows the current gearSpeedometer – showing the speed- Tips and Tricks —Check the tachometer instructions to change the maximum vehicle speed gear. Each against the clock, so to be alert during the raceEnough practice in offline mode, and then start racing with Facebook friends.- We want to hear from you -We encourage you to give us your feedback, and offer advice. You never know, your idea may eventually find its way into the next update.Tags: "car", "Speed ??Racer", "racing game", "3D racing", "top car raceing games", "motor car", "live racing", "racing game" drag racing "??? ? ??? "

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