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AddedApr 14th, 2012
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Can the most important people in your life contact you when your phone is on silent or you can’t hear it? What about when your phone is off, in plane mode, or in a poor service area, can they reach you at the first possible opportunity? Urgent Contact! gives the people you choose elevated privilege to contact you when it matters most.Urgent Contact! is an Android application that scans your incoming text messages looking for your Code Word. If someone you have identified as a VIP sends you a text message with your Code Word anywhere in the message, Urgent Contact! goes into Alert! mode to get your attention. Even if your phone is on silent or vibrate-only, it will try to get your attention with a flashing screen and a loud siren or ring tone of your choice. If your phone is off or in Airplane mode, as soon as it is turned back on, it will go into Alert! mode. This ensures that you will be notified as soon as possible that one of your VIP’s is trying urgently to contact you. Your VIP does not even need to have Urgent Contact! on their phone; they only need basic text messaging to alert you when your phone is equipped with Urgent Contact!.How it works: Once you install Urgent Contact!, you define a Code Word and share it with your VIP’s. By default, this word is set to ’emergency’, but you can change it to any word that is easy for you and your VIP’s to remember. Next, identify your VIP’s. You can select contacts from your contact list, manually type in specific phone numbers, or even enter an area code to enable an entire group of contacts. That’s it – you’re all set up! Now, whenever a VIP sends you a text message with your Code Word anywhere in the message, Urgent Contact! will make sure you get the message as soon as possible. To prevent unauthorized alerts, if someone knows or guesses your Code Word, but is not in your VIP list, your phone will not go into Alert! mode.

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