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Movies UHF TV 50 Western is a movie viewing app that streams 50 classic great western movies that have been the staple of late night western film cinema via UHF or Texas PBS antennae TV for years, streaming virus-free full length Youtube movies through your Android phone’s built-in Youtube video player.These are all 100 percent legal to watch, copyright expired public domain classic western videos, and this is a movie super avalanche, with 10 pages of grand western movies bundled together into an arcade movie jukebox. There’s also an (almost complete :D) story description section giving movie information and reviews for each motion picture to help shine a light on the western contents of each of these legend films. It’s original and contained in the app, so you don’t have to waste your time browsing movies at IMDB through a link in order to find a movie synopsis of what it’s about. This has any notable celebrity actor, beautiful actress, or famous director listed… Mostly the immortal legend John Wayne! I plan on updating the package with additional public domain western features, and possibly adding the cine theaters movie trailers later. I already have a new channel changer added into the info section with a few of the Bonanza tv show episodes that slipped into the public domain. With this app a moviegoer could have 50 great classic western movies to watch on demand, like android movie tickets to turn any boring sections of your day into a roaming plains horse wrangling country six gun shooting movie theater showtime! UHF offers 48 hours for a Refund/Return request (Just gmail I want a refund request to 3dcgfxco within 48 hrs) to receive a complete refund, so keep an eye on your calender during the shows & try it out :D! Here’s the movies listings so far:SAGEBRUSH TRAIL starring John Wayne.APACHE BLOODTHE MAN FROM UTAH starring John Wayne.MARKED FOR MURDERTEXAS TERROR starring John Wayne.HELL TOWN starring John Wayne.JOSHUA GONE WITH THE WESTMARKED TRAILSROLLIN PLAINSOUTLAWS OF BOULDER PASSTHE TRAIL BEYOND Starring John WayneBLUE STEELTROUBLE AT MELODY MESA Starring John Wayne.GODS GUNTROUBLE IN TEXASRIDERS OF DESTINY Starring John WayneWAR OF THE WILDCATS Starring John Wayne.MCLINTOCK Starring John WayneHIS BROTHERS GHOSTTWO FISTED LAW Starring John WayneLAW MENMAN OF THE FRONTIERMYSTERY OF THE HOODED HORSEMANSANTA FE TRAIL Starring Ronald ReaganRANDY RIDES ALONE Starring John WayneWEST OF THE DIVIDE Starring John WayneVENGEANCE VALLEYTHE GUN AND THE PULPITHIGH LONESOMETHE STAR PACKER Starring John Wayne.THE DESERT TRAIL Starring John Wayne.THE LUCKY TEXAN Starring John Wayne.ANGEL AND THE BAD MAN John Wayne NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIES Stars John Wayne.FLESH AND THE SPURKANSAS PACIFIC THE SINGING COWGIRLSHERIFF OF TOMBSTONEPARADISE CANYON Stars John Wayne.THE LAWLESS FRONTIER Stars John Wayne.THE OKLAHOMA CYCLONERAIDERS OF OLD CALIFORNIAOUTLAWS PARADISEGHOST TOWN GOLDACES AND EIGHTSOATH OF VENGEANCEWATER RUSTLERSTHE SUNDOWNERSTHE OUTLAWVENGEANCE VALLEYTHE LUCKY TEXAN Stars John Wayne. Upcoming movies will be a few more western movies, and maybe some theatrical trailers!Also I have 2 other Genres, UHF 120 Legal HorrorFilms, & UHF FilmNoir, they are both packed with stuff! (View More apps in ‘Developer info’ section.)

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