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AddedJul 22nd, 2013
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This is the unprecedented new feeling remote desktop software (Windows operation software) which pursued enjoyment. This is also the functional enhancement version of "Windows MultiTouchPad (" which can perform multi-touch operation on Windows 8. You can enjoy remote control of Mouse, Keyboard, Multi-Touch, and Gamepad with your Android smartphones and tablets.●True inputsWindows Controller’s operation is executed on the driver level. I realized true input operation which was not able to be made in the existing remote desktop software by software control.●Full support of multi-touch operationYou can do multi-touch operation supported by Windows 7 and later. Also in Windows 8 Modern UI(Metro UI), you can do operation stands comparison with Physical Multi-Touched Panel.●MacroWith editable macro buttons, you can perform a chain of operations in one-touch.●Gamepad supportedI supported the input of sticks, hat buttons, and standard buttons of the gamepad. Your action is reflected directly to operation of a game. You can use not only a touch panel but the physical gamepad connected to Android.●Motion controllYou can assign tilt of the device to operation of a mouse or a gamepad. Steering? Mouse wheeling? It’s up to you for using!●Display of the desktop which gave priority to quicknessI invested in transfer of the desktop screen all the technology that I can have. I adopt WebM streaming excellent in decoding at mobiles. Furthermore, because I combined NDK encoding, GPU encoding, and GPU rendering, it exhibits especially in the environment of multi-cored CPU with GPU. In addition, it will become quicker if you install a mirror display driver in Windows.●Audio transferIt can transmit the sound currently played back on the PC to the device. I adopt CELT as audio codec. If it is desirable communication environment, audio delay arises only one out of tens seconds.●Creation of original controllersYou can create an original controller with a PC using Skin creation tool. Please arrange freely a screen, macro buttons, a keyboard, a trackpad, and a stick. You can download and use controllers which others created.●Support BluetoothIn addition to communication by wireless LAN, it can use Bluetooth. If it is a design of only the input which does not need a sound and a movie, it can expect power-saving notably. If its controller does not need a sound and a movie, it can expect power-saving notably.●Secure connectionIn connection via Internet, they are enciphered by SSL. I also provide functions for safety using such as an inputting a password, or notice of the input method.You can read this manual online.*This app is a trial version. When 3 minutes pass, input-related operation becomes impossible. If you are pleased with this application, please purchase Windows Controller.*It supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP(XP is 32bit only). It becomes the single touch operation by a mouse on XP, and by a digitizer on Vista.*It is necessary to install client software in your PC in addition. You can get client software for free from [].*HTML5 is used for some UI. Depending on a setup of the standard browser of OS, it may not work correctly.*Bluetooth functions by Microsoft Stack. When you cannot connect, please uninstall a third party Bluetooth driver.*It does not correspond to multi-display environment.

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