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DeveloperNguyen Minh Binh
AddedJul 22nd, 2013
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– K?t qu? x? s? t?t c? t?nh thành.- Dò k?t qu? t? ??ng khi ??n gi? quay s?- Tr?c quan, d? s? d?ng.- Nhanh, nh?, ít t?n b?ng thông.?ây là ?ng d?ng mi?n phí r?t h?u ích cho nh?ng ai hay mua vé s? nh?ng l?i quên dò ho?c không có th?i gian ?? ng?i ??i k?t qu? x? s?. Ngay gi? ?ây, b?n ch? c?n nh?p dãy s? c?a vé b?n v?a mua, ?ng d?ng s? t? ??ng dò và thông báo k?t qu? khi ??n gi?. Ch?c n?ng c? b?n:+ V1.0- Xem k?t qu? x? s? theo t?nh thành.- Nh?p s? ?? dò nhanh k?t qu?.- Dò vé s? t? ??ng.+V1.1- Ch?c n?ng dò s? t? ??ng.- K?t qu? lô tô.+V1.2- T?i ?u t?c ?? t?i k?t qu?.- Ti?t ki?m b?ng thông.Ph?n m?m này ?ang trong giai ?o?n phát tri?n. Trong th?i gian t?i chúng tôi s? c?p nh?t thêm nhi?u tính n?ng quan tr?ng nh?:- Th?ng kê t?n su?t xu?t hi?n c?a các c?p s?- Soi c?u- Gi?i m?ng- …M?i ý ki?n ?óng góp xin ???c g?i v? [email protected] Chúng tôi xin chân thành c?m ?n và ghi nh?n sâu s?c ý ki?n c?a các b?n ?? hoàn thi?n ?ng d?ng này.================Tags: XSKT, xo so, xo so kien thiet, x? s? t? ??ng, x? s? ki?n thi?t, x? s?- Lottery Results all provinces.- Automatic detection results when the time dial- Intuitive, easy to use.- Fast, lightweight, low cost bandwidth.This free application is very useful for people who buy lottery tickets or forgot probe or no time to wait for the lottery results. Right now, you only need to enter the number sequence of ticket you have purchased, the app will automatically detect and notify the results so far.Basic Functions:+ V1.0- View lottery results by provinces.- Enter the number for fast detection results.- Automatic detection of lottery tickets.+ V1.1- Automatic detection function.- Results bingo.+ V1.2- Optimized loading speed results.- Save bandwidth.This software is in development stage. In the future we will update more important features such as:- Statistics of the frequency of pairs of- Screening for- League dream- …Any comments would be sent to [email protected] We would like to thank and acknowledge insightful comments from you to complete this application.================Tags: lottery, lottery, lottery, lottery automatically, lotteries, lottery

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