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YOUR favorite battery widgets are right HERE – all in one app: Select from a cool beer mug, cute flower, funny smiley, stylish fuel gauge, old analog voltage meter, awesome Zelda-like life bar, fancy metal or cartoon-like bubble number, elegant digital LED segment display… and a lot more beautiful art. Or even make your OWN stunning widget from your pictures (using an online generator on the appformatics.com site)! Start today, it’s simple – no need to be a programming genius! And what’s incredible – it’s totally free!1) Yabawi is an amazing alternative to testing many different battery widgets. It lets you freely download deluxe skins as a ZIP file from a collection of lovely designs. You can preview their thumb image in the gallery on the Yabawi internet server and search for your personal winner. This nice gadget is different from all battery widget apps you have seen before. And it is in fact very easy to use!2) It is a powerful tool with a smooth and snappy UI design using clean button symbols (dark gray plus light green on a white background). People like its simplicity and its highly customizable appearance. Yabawi offers a complete set of widget sizes – from mini 1×1 over small 1×2 and 2×1 to big 2×2 or even an XXL banner in 4×1. Choose the size that fits best to the screen density and the homescreen. The images will auto scale to every devics.3) If you compare Yabawi with other products, do not forget the permissions: Yabawi is safe to use, since it does NOT require access to your private data or personal contacts – and of course not to your GPS location! It is not able to send or read your SMS messages or make expensive calls to premium phone numbers. Of course it needs basic access to your SD card. The internet connection is used for an ad banner. But even after some days there will be no popup ads like you formerly found in other apps.4) Yabawi has a build-in storage explorer to let you find the zip package containing the media files and the xml skin description. Be sure not to mount the SD Card to your Windows PC or Mac over USB while you are trying to accesse the downloads, since they are blocked and you will only see the Yabawi standard skin. The app will stay active as a background service after closing the user friendly interface.5) In the preferences you have full access to advanced features. You can for example choose a widget text color that matches your wallpaper colors. Or you can use the minimalistic notification icon – as an indicator to quickly view the percentage level of the battery charge. This also serves as a third shortcut to launch Yabawi: It is a hybrid app, which means you can tap on the widget as well as on the application icon to run it. 6) The main menu gives you access to popular system screens like the batt usage chart which can visualize which components in your device have drawn the most juice from your battery. From the main screen you can also access the skins list and the install button. It is recommended that you read the quick guide right at the beginning. This will ease trouble for first time users.7) In order to achieve above average performance and precision, Yabawi is a native app written in pure Java. It will not drain your bat power or block your CPU. Plus, in comparison the absolute memory (RAM) demand is in typical range. No root access is required – but we know that many desk modder devices are cracked anyway. Yabawi was tested up to the latest Android OS (ICS).8) Go check it out NOW and test it – it is fun and just one click away! If you like it, support Yabawi with a good stars rating. And share it with your friends: You can use the QR code or the options menu. In case of any bugs please report the bug using email. Do contact us when you are not happy with this app. Unfortunately Google made it impossible for a developer to answer to review comments in the market. Yabawi – Y(et) a(nother) ba(ttery) wi(dget)Dual language: English, German

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